Pemegang Amanah Selamanya X-Team Sabah

Cynthia Ong

Ketua Fasilitator Eksekutif (ChEF)

Selamanya Sabah

Cynthia currently serves as the Interim FS Board Chair. She brings 20 years of entrepreneurship, socio-environmental justice and community activism, through her roles as founder/co-founder, board director and/or CEO of numerous organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit in South East Asia and in the U.S. Her experience has been in the fields of organizational leadership, special events and project management, and group facilitation/mediation.

Cynthia Ong
John Payne

Pengarah Eksekutif
Perikatan Pongo

Inspired by English countryside and London Zoo half a century ago, John Payne ended up in Malaysia in the 1970s when the natural forest logging industry was giving way to large plantation expansion. He was privileged to have the opportunity to conduct wildlife and natural vegetation surveys in Sabah and Kalimantan, between 1975-2004, spending over 25,000 hours living inside the tropical rainforest. Several forest conservation areas in Sabah exist as a result of work done as a WWF-Malaysia staff with the Government of Sabah. He has authored several books on Sabah's natural history and was lead author of the Sabah Conservation Strategy (1992) with the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Development.

Dr. John Payne
Anne Lasimbang

Pengarah Eksekutif
Rakan Organisasi Komuniti di Sabah (PACOS)

Anne Lasimbang is the current Executive Director of PACOS Trust, a community-based organization (CBO) dedicated towards supporting Indigenous communities in Sabah. For over 25 years, Anne has been working to empower indigenous communities and has supported the development of community organizations in 17 districts across Sabah, 25 schools and community learning centers, and an ongoing array of programs strengthening indigenous knowledge systems, rights, culture and resource management. She is the past president of the Sabah Women's Action Resource Group, Persatuan Tadika Sabah and Persatuan TASKA Sabah, and received the Community Service Award from the Rotary Club of KK in 2008. She is also an avid dancer and hopes to get the rest of the X-team dancing the Sumazau at every meeting.

Anne Lasimbang
Fred Kugan

Ketua Konservator Hutan
Jabatan Perhutanan Sabah (SFD)

Mr Frederick Kugan is a forester by profession, having graduated from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) (1987) and from New Brunswick University, Canada (1991).   He has been with the Sabah Forestry Department since 1987 and had served in various positions over the years.  He was appointed as the Deputy Director of Forestry (Forest Sector Planning) since 2006.  His current portfolio, amongst others, involves: Policy and Legislation, Forest Sectoral Planning, International and Corporate Affairs, and Project Collaboration and Cooperation.

Fred Kugan
Robert Ong

Pengarah Pusat Penyelidikan Hutan

Jabatan Perhutanan Sabah (SFD)

Robert C. Ong heads the Natural Forest Ecology and Management research programme at the Forest Research Centre in Sandakan, Sabah. He joined the Sabah Forestry Department in 1991 after receiving his MSc in forest biology from Virginia Tech, and a PhD in forestry from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Over the past 25 years, his research has focused on logged forest restoration and management, as well as the commercial cultivation of native trees and improving wood utilisation. Robert is passionate about environmental education and was instrumental in the establishment of the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sandakan, a foremost environmental education facility that promotes the sustainable management of forest resources. 

Dr. Robert Ong
Darrel Webber
Darrel Webber

Pengarah Urusan, Strategi Hutan Global,
Institut Inovasi Bumi

Darrel is an expert in sustainable agricultural development, bringing 20 years of experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He has worked in management for various multinational corporations and environmental NGOs, developing a specialty in engaging the palm oil industry on issues of sustainability. Currently, Darrel supports Earth Innovation Institute’s Tropical Forest Champions initiative, which focuses on connecting companies with tropical forest states and regions that are striving for forest, climate- and community-friendly development

Anton Ngui
Anton Ngui

Founder & Chairman of Future Alam Society

Director, Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat, Sabah

After spending a decade studying and living abroad, Anton returned to his hometown, Sandakan to run his family’s hotel, Nak Hotel.  Anton found himself back in the hometown he didn’t know any longer with a new, unplanned career in tourism as his next big challenge.  While running his family’s hotel remains a challenge for Anton, it has however, allowed him to channel his experience in the hospitality business to something he is passionate about: nature. 

Anton is the Founder and current Chairman of Future Alam Borneo Society which is the organiser of Borneo Rhythms of Rimba Wildlife Festival. He also co-founded Borneo Eco Film Festival. Anton graduated with a Masters in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University, UK.

Linn Yong
Linn Yong

Linn is an entrepreneur, a creative chef, a conservationist, a loving wife, a caring mother and a fearless fighter, all rolled into one.  Originally from Johor Bahru, she now calls Sandakan home.  She graduated in Industrial Design at the Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore. In downtown Sandakan, at Jalan Pelabuhan Lama, stands proudly one of the oldest hotels in Sandakan, Nak Hotel.  Owned by Linn’s husband’s NGUI family, this hotel was built in the 1960s and is very well known for its Ba Lin Roof Garden Bar & Bistro and the San Da Gen café downstairs.  Linn serves as the chef at large for both of these food outlets.


International Artist

Yee I-Lann lives and works in Kota Kinabalu, capital of the Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah. Her primarily photomedia-based art practice engages with archipelagic Southeast Asia’s turbulent history with works addressing issues of colonialism and neo-colonialism, power, and the impact of historical memory in social experience, often with particular focus on counter-narrative histories from below. She employs a complex, multi-layered visual vocabulary drawn from historical references, popular culture, archives, and everyday objects. She has in recent years started working collaboratively with sea-based and land-based communities and indigenous mediums in Sabah.

Pentadbiran, Kewangan, Pasukan Pengurusan

Chief Operations Officer

Winnie is currently the Director and Chief Operation Officer of Forever Sabah, Malaysia and has over 25 years’ experience in multi-functional roles across financial, marketing and organizational management.  Prior to joining the FS family, Winnie served as the Senior Manager for Marketing & Sales with a Sabah State Government Agency in the food manufacturing and trading industry for 17 years where she was responsible for managing a team of 56 staff that generated an annual turnover of RM30 million.  Winnie developed a strong sense of devotion for the non-profit movement during her young adult years when she got involved in the Junior Chamber International, an international non-profit movement of young leaders between 18 and 40 years old.  She served as the President of a local chapter in 1992 and in 2000 she was elected as the Malaysian National Executive Vice President and presided as the Chairman of the Sabah Area Conference.  Winnie is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators, United Kingdom and holds a BA in Commerce from the Western Institute of Technology, Australia.  She is a qualified Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Jacquie Yong
Jacquie Yong

Chief Financial Officer

Jacquie graduated from Monash University, Melbourne with Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) and is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. She has 15 years of experience in the audit line with a big five professional accounting firm and 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry.  She loves gardening.

Office Manager

Cheryl has a degree in Business Management from UNITAR majoring in Quality Management and she took entrepreneurship as an elective. Prior to that, she worked in a law firm as a legal clerk and also has years of experience in the hotel sector. She is also involved in non-governmental organizations like SPCA KK (Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Kota Kinabalu). She loves cross functional training and outside work, she is also a fitness instructor in her own community gym. Cheryl oversees day-to-day administration work at Forever Sabah

Dr. Kenneth Wilson
Kenneth Wilson

Dr. Ken Wilson relishes the interface between cultural and biological diversities at landscape/seascape level and the strategies and engagement necessary to enable creativity and bottom up change processes.  Born in Malawi with a life spread across the continents he was an academic at the University of Oxford before spending 22 years in philanthropy, with the Ford Foundation and then The Christensen Fund.  In addition to advising LEAP and Forever Sabah he retains his connections, since 1980, with a set of villages in southern Zimbabwe through the Muonde Trust and writing their social and environmental histories. He also serves as advisor and/or board member of several major international philanthropic efforts that connect environment and indigenous issues.

Technical Advisor

Penyelaras Teknikal & Fasilitator Program Selamanya Sabah

Casey Ng

Penyelaras Teknikal
Air Tawar Untuk Masa Depan

Casey Ng is a multi-disciplinarian grassroot field worker who advocates the approach of citizen science for problem solving. He believes that science is supposed to be open, inclusive and communicative thus spaces must  be continuously created and curated for honest conversation between the stakeholders. He is the appointed Technical Expert for the capacity building project of Babagon Watershed Payment for Ecosystem Services and the Subject Expert of HCV4 Ecosystem Services Mapping for Sabah Jurisdiction CSPO project. Casey is a certified IUCN Red List species assessor who also leads the Freshwater for Future component of the Forever Sabah initiative to work closely with Forest Research Centre (Sepilok, Sandakan) in disciplines related to climatic disturbances, water physico-chemistry, aquatic species taxonomy and watershed ecology in Sabah. 

Dr. Casey Ng
Claudia Lasimbang

Penyelaras Teknikal
DAS & Komuniti

Claudia (a.k.a Yoggie) has worked with indigenous communities for many years, and has significant experience as a field coordinator on projects involving local training and capacity building for the Southeast Asia Regional Institute for Community Education (1994-1996), Sabah Wildlife Department (2001-2003), and the Sabah Drainage and Irrigation Department (2002 -2004). She also has extensive knowledge of indigenous issues in Sabah and currently works part time with the Partners of Community Organisations (PACOS) Trust as the Capacity Building & Human Resource Coordinator. As Forever Sabah's Technical Coordinator of Watersheds & Communities she draws on this breadth of experience in coordinating the development of living landscapes in Sabah’s Telupid Forest Complex region and in the Babagon Catchment that supplies most of the state capital’s water.

Claudia Lasimbang
Philip Chin

Penyelaras Teknikal
Minyak Sawit Lestari yang diperakui

A Sino-Kadazan who hails from Kg. Nampasan, Penampang, Phillip (a.k.a Linggit) leads the smallholder work of Forever Sabah under the state’s jurisdictional palm oil program.  He also serves as a resource person for the Natural Resource Management Program Coordinator at PACOS Trust, a community-based organization in Penampang, Sabah. He holds a Certificate from the Human Resource Development Bureau, Malaysia, and is trained in Community Based Hydro Power Development in Indonesia. Philip has 18 years’ worth of experience working on watershed management in rural communities. He is also a community mapping and GIS specialist (trained by the ESRI). He has worked in several other capacities, namely Micro-hydro Technical Advisor and Project Team Leader for Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) DANIDA in Northern Sabah.

Philip Chin
Kok-On Chen

Penyelaras Teknikal
Inovasi Undang-undang

Born and bred in Sandakan, On is a civil litigation lawyer based in Kota Kinabalu. He was the parliamentary assistant to a former Member of Parliament, and has maintained an interest in public policy issues affecting Sabah. He hopes to bring his experience as a practising lawyer to contribute to the works of Forever Sabah.

Kok-On Chen
Harry Jonas

Penyelaras Teknikal
Jerung & Sinar

Harry Jonas is a lawyer and co-founded Natural Justice. His life interest is in the impact of law, politics, and economics on the biosphere, and as a corollary, in exploring how local approaches to law and policy promote social and environmental integrity. After working for 4 years from South Africa, Harry established an office in Sabah, Malaysia, with Holly Jonas to deepen Natural Justice’s work in the Asia-Pacific region. He engages with the full spectrum of the organization’s thinking and activities and is an Ashoka Fellow.

Harry Jonas
Maria Lasimbang

Penyelaras Teknikal
Ladang Alam Kivatu

Maria has been farming for as long as she can remember, and from an early age she realized her passion lies with the soil and what she can produce from it. She comes from a family who planted rice and vegetables for their own consumption, and she built on those skills by studying agriculture at the Sabah Institute of Agriculture at Timbang Menggaris in Tenom. After her studies, she went on to work for various organisations including the welfare department for special needs children. Since 1996, she has served as the Managing Director for Hinompuka Cafe, specializing in traditional ethnic cuisine. The cafe is located on her family land near Kivatu in Penampang and she grows produce for the cafe at Kivatu Nature Farm. Through a partnership with Forever Sabah, Maria has created a 'model farm' with the intention of educating the local community and sharing her wealth of experience. In return, she also learns from local farming traditions and acts as a conduit to pass these new found skills on to others.

Maria Lasimbang
Nicola Abram

Penyelaras Teknikal
Pemetaan Projek / HCV SPaCES

Nicola has worked on landscape level socio-economic, forest conservation, and oil palm issues in Sabah since 2009. She is a specialist in interdisciplinary spatial analyses and planning, focusing on human-environment linkages within landscapes, and promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable development agendas in multi-use environments. Nicola is developing and heading The SPaCES Project, “Spatial Planning for Conservation, Sustainable Economic Development and Society”; a holistic approach to better land utilisation for Sabah. She is involved in High Conservation Value (HCV) work in Sabah, and co-represents Forever Sabah as a member of two Technical Working Groups (TWG) on HCVs (HCV Identification TWG; and, HCV-Toolkit TWG). Nicola is also the founder and co-director of a small UK organisation called Living Landscape Alliance, a partner of Forever Sabah.

Dr. Nicola Abram
Noel Seanundu
Noel Seanundu

Noel is a Sabahan with BSc in Intelligent Systems from University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia in 2012. He joined Forever Sabah in 2014 for and after leading a community engagement project with the Forestry Department in Telupid he took on the role of assisting the FS Technical Team before his current role in Operations for the Forever Sabah Institute. Prior to this job, he gained exposure and experience in related community organizing task and activities with various NGOs in Kota Kinabalu such as Community-Led Environment Awareness for our River (CLEAR), PACOS Trust, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia and Youth Prep Centre KK. He makes new friends everyday while working under the guidance of Cynthia Ong and Winnie Long, his mentor in Forever Sabah

Assistant Facilitator

Neville Yapp

Penyelaras Program
Inisiatif Komuniti Ramsar

Raised in Ranau and Kota Kinabalu, Neville is the technical coordinator of the Lower Kinabatangan & Segama Programme. He has been engaging the communities in the Lower Kinabatangan Segama Wetlands since 2010 in facilitating community based natural resource management and development of community-based tourism, alternative livelihoods, and provides institutional support, partnership building and fundraising with local partners as well as the Sabah Forestry Department.  His particular skills include mapping and fisheries ecology.

Neville Yapp

Ahli Pasukan Selamanya Sabah


Megavani Kumar


Penolong Penyelaras Teknikal

Mega memperoleh Ijazah Sarjana Muda dengan kepujian dalam Sains Sosial (Perhubungan Antarabangsa) dari Universiti Malaysia Sabah pada tahun 2014; dan melanjutkan pengajian Pascasiswazah di Universiti Nasional Malaysia (UKM), lulus dengan Ijazah Sarjana Sains Sosial & Kemanusiaan (Sains Politik) pada tahun 2017. Sebelum bergabung dengan Forever Sabah pada tahun 2017, dia telah menangani isu-isu Statelessness, Orang, Pendatang dan Hak Asasi Manusia yang tidak berdokumen di Sabah. Dia kini terlibat dalam projek CSPO yang menyokong pekebun kecil untuk mendapatkan persijilan RSPO di 20 kampung percontohan di Telupid, Tongod, Beluran dan Kinabatangan.


Rizlan Morsit


Penyelaras Penglibatan & Bengkel Stakeholder

Rizlan Bin Morsit dilahirkan di Lahad Datu, dan kemudian dibesarkan di Felda Umas-Umas Tawau. Setelah menamatkan Tingkatan 6, dia pergi bekerja di ladang kelapa sawit Felda Umas 6 sebagai pekerja am selama hampir 8 bulan. Selama itu, dia menabung gajinya dan menggunakan wang itu untuk membayar yuran masuk untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke universiti. Rizlan lulus dengan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Sosial dengan Kepujian dalam Hubungan Antarabangsa di Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) pada November 2017. Semasa belajar di UMS, beliau adalah Ahli Eksekutif (Kebajikan dan Hal Ehwal Pelajar) Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar di UMS Sesi 2015/2016. Beliau juga merupakan Presiden UMS 1 Malaysian Club Session pada 2016/2017. Ini membantunya untuk mengembangkan keyakinan dan kepemimpinannya sebagai Pemangku Kepentingan dan Penyelaras Bengkel untuk pasukan FPIC di Forever Sabah.


Evertius Enroe


Penyelaras Projek

Enroe berasal dari Kiulu. Dia bekerja di Taman Sabah sebelum bergabung dengan Forever Sabah pada tahun 2018. Sebagai jurugambar yang berminat, dia sangat meminati alam semula jadi, terutama burung dan anggrek. Dia kini bekerja dengan komuniti di Telupid mengenai Projek Keharmonian Gajah Manusia di bawah bimbingan Claudia Lasimbang.


Febe Soliun


Asst. Penyelaras Teknikal (Inovasi Undang-undang)

Penyelaras Projek

(Segama Selamanya)

Dilahirkan di Keningau dan dibesarkan di seluruh Sabah (berpindah dari Tambunan, Kota Belud, Kota Marudu, Kudat, Sandakan & Lahad Datu), Febe memperoleh Sarjana Muda dalam Undang-Undang & Perdagangan dari Universiti Pengurusan dan Sains. Her f pengalaman kerja Irst adalah di sebuah firma undang-undang di bawah jabatan conveyancing, yang diikuti dengan pengalaman singkat dengan LexisNexis Malaysia sebagai Editor undang-undang. Di sini, dia mendapat kesempatan untuk mengambil bagian dalam inisiatif Rule of Law LexisNexis, yang pada waktu itu adalah untuk berkolaborasi dengan PACOS Trust dan juga badan-badan pemerintah yang memfokuskan terutama pada kewarganegaraan di Sabah. Sejak itu, minatnya terhadap isu-isu di Sabah bertambah dan semasa berhenti sebentar di Labuan (untuk pekerjaan lain), dia mula serius mencari NGO di Sabah untuk bergabung yang seterusnya membawanya ke Forever Sabah.


Betroychiper Hongsui


Penyelaras Projek

Betroychiper atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chiper berasal dari Kampung Lapasan Ulu dan mempunyai
Latar belakang Sarjana Muda dengan Kepujian dalam Seni Kreatif (Graduan 2009/2012) di Teater. Dia adalah orang yang suka aktiviti melampau dan mencabar, serta belajar sesuatu yang baru. Pengarah produksi yang berpengalaman untuk "Nur" dan pengurus peringkat produksi untuk "Semurni Kasih Ummi" di Universiti Malaysia Sabah; Chiper juga pernah bekerja di belakang tabir sebagai jurukamera. Pada masa ini, dia adalah penyelia lapangan untuk Padi Projek dan memastikan bahawa kerja dalam projek berjalan sesuai dengan rancangan kerja yang telah dibuat.


Troy Hessler Paul


Penyelaras Padang

Troy adalah lulusan Politeknik Tawau Sabah dalam Pengurusan Pelancongan. Dia adalah salah seorang ahli jawatankuasa dalam Projek Jejak Warisan Sandakan pada tahun 2018 & ahli perkhidmatan & latihan kemahiran PTS Korporat. Dulu bekerja di bidang pemasaran penjualan pada tahun 2015/15 dan kini memulakan kerja dengan FS sebagai staf lapangan untuk projek Forever Segama.


Nur Liyana Roslan

Nur Liyana.JPG_edited.jpg

Penyelaras Projek

Nur Liyana mempunyai Diploma Pengurusan Pelancongan dari UiTM, Malaysia. Setelah menamatkan pengajian, dia mengambil pekerjaan magang dengan syarikat teambuilding profesional antarabangsa sebagai Eksekutif Pemasaran dan Komunikasi sebelum bekerja selama beberapa tahun untuk memudahkan ekspedisi pendidikan di seluruh Sabah. Dia juga pernah bekerja sebentar sebagai Perunding Perjalanan di ejen pelancongan tempatan. Liyana pertama kali bergabung dengan pasukan komunikasi untuk LEAP Spiral dan Forever Sabah sebelum memilih untuk menjadi Penyelaras Teknikal program PES yang bekerja di Babagon Catchment. Dia juga kini terlibat dalam Perusahaan Sosial tempatan yang melakukan acara seni, sastera dan persembahan setiap minggu di bandar.


Siti Fatimah


Penyelaras Projek Zon Trusan Kinabatangan

Siti Fatimah Abd Hakim mempunyai Diploma Kejuruteraan Mesin dari JTM Training Institute, Malaysia. Pengenalan pertamanya ke Kinabatangan adalah ketika dia menerima kontrak guru ganti selama 8 bulan dengan sekolah rendah di sana. Perjalanannya kemudian diteruskan selama bertahun-tahun setelah itu bekerja sebagai pegawai kerajaan dengan SK Abai. Selain mendaki dan menikmati alam semula jadi, dia juga suka menjadi sukarelawan. Dan terlibat dengan Community Abai Project (CAP) pada tahun 2012 adalah batu loncatannya. Dengan sepenuhnya mempercayai naluri pada tahun 2013, dia memutuskan untuk berhenti dari pekerjaan tetapnya untuk lebih berkomitmen dengan CAP. Dia telah bersama pasukan Inisiatif Komuniti Ramsar sejak 2017.


Lim Hong Ye

Hugo Photo on 28-09-2018 at 10_edited.jp

Pembantu penyelidik

Hong Ye (aka Hugo), lulus dari Universiti Malaysia Sabah pada tahun 2017 dengan MSc dalam Proses Ekologi. Hugo kini berperanan sebagai pembantu penyelidik untuk projek SPaCES di mana karyanya memfokuskan pada Nilai Pemuliharaan Tinggi (HCV) di Sabah, dan pengembangan dan analisis data spasial. Minatnya merangkumi pembangunan lestari, perancangan ruang, ekonomi landskap dan Sistem Maklumat Geografi (GIS).